Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims


Our dedication to serve bikers surpasses our quality repairs We are here to help you with claims on own damage and third party in case of an accident. From towing to filing insurance report, HKL Lim is committed to take care of the process to ensure you are fairly compensated. Our edge is we adopt a transparent policy, whereby your cost of repair is itemized in detail so no costs are hidden.


Frequently asked questions

What should I do immediately after an accident?

This is one really interesting accordion!

  • Take photos of license plate number of all vehicles involved
  • Take photos from all angles of the damages and the surrounding area to preserve the way it looks at time of accident
  • Take down the name and contact number of any potential eyewitness
  • Call HKL (Lim) at 6275 6656, we will guide you side-by-side on your next steps.

How do HKL Lim assist me?

We will take care of all the steps until you obtain your (1) own damage (OD) claims and/or (2) third-party claims settlement. All you need to do is sign the required documents and we will do the following, as per our agreement:

  • Fill up insurance claim forms
  • Prepare repair estimates
  • Submit all required documents to (own and/or 3rd party) insurance companies
  • Towing of damaged bike to our workshop
  • Negotiate and communicate effectively with surveyor/claims assessor on damages and repair during inspection visit, to strive for the fairest compensation possible
  • Follow up with insurance companies until direct settlement is granted and repair is authorized

What are the charges for HKL Lim's insurance claim service?

Our consultation service is completely free!

Towing charges will be included in repair estimate submitted for insurance claims.

Who pays for my repairs?

For full direct settlement (own and/or 3rd party claim), all your cost of repair will be paid by insurance company directly to HKL Lim.

We will adjust our repairs according to the final repair list agreed with claims assessor. Though, we will not compromise quality over cost.

For settlement amount less than cost of repair, you will be paying the excess on own damage (OD) claim. If you are claiming 3rd party, you don’t have to pay any excess.

How long does the whole process take?

For own damage (OD) claim, it will typically take 2 to 4 weeks depending on the insurance company’s surveyor inspection and decision time.

For 3rd party claim, the process will take longer depending on the at fault party’s time taken to file report to their insurer.

Once claims amount is confirmed and settled with insurance company, we will start the repair process.

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