Scrap Service

Scrap Service


HKL Lim provide scraping services for motorcycles. In conjunction with the National Environment Agency (NEA), we offer cash incentives, up to S$3,500, for bike owners of older motorcycles.

All motorcycle owners who registered their vehicles before 1 July 2003 will be eligible for the incentive payout if they de-register their motorcycles on or before 5 April 2023.

scrap motorbike service HKL Lim
scrap motorbike service HKL Lim

In HKL Lim, we will help customers identify their bikes for the most competitive vehicle-to-scrap price in the market.

Furthermore, we also provide towing collection service to bikers and always leave them without hassles when they decide to send their used motorcycles for scraping services.

We value every customer’s effort in helping to save the environment and with this, we are always there to assist our bikers.

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