Motorcycle Repair

Motorcycle Repair


All range repairs

At HKL Lim, we are known for our specialist skills in rebuilding damaged bikes from pieces to complete restoration: everything in the process from carburetor, chain and sprockets, brakes and caliper, engine overhaul, custom controls, exhaust system, to electrical wiring.

Engine Rebuilding

Our team of mechanics has vast experience and is well equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform a complete engine rebuild. Based on your particular engine class or application, watch us at work on your precious engine as we restore your engine to its optimal performance.

To ensure quality and reliability, we conduct extensive testing on all parts before returning your bike in tip top condition.

Diagnostic Specialist

At HKL Lim, we use Axone solution by TEXA, a computerized diagnostic with complete functionality incorporating fault detection, parameter reading, calibration, resetting, balancing, tyre pressure monitoring, and etc.

Original Manufacturer Parts

For superior performance and component wear, it is important that your bike is fitted with genuine parts. We use authentic bike parts on all motorcycle servicing and repair works.

More than just a workshop



At HKL Lim, you will find a wide range of motorcycle accessories and apparels. We carry different brands of helmets, raincoats, fully synthetic oils, tyres for Class 2, 2A & 2B, street legal certified exhaust pipes, cleaning products, and more.

Spray Paint / Custom Design

Looking to personalize your bike with custom designs that will turn heads? Look no further as HKL Lim can translate any design and colour of your fancy into reality, with the exception of airbrush works. Rest assured our work is compliant with Singapore LTA requirements.

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